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The Top 10 Benefits of a Fort Lauderdale VA Loan

After the Department of Veterans Affairs released the information on VA mortgages as part of the GI bill, millions of veterans have used this program to buy homes. Due to various financial standings, many of these people wouldn’t have been approved for their home loans without the VA Loan program. Below, you can find the [...]

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10 Common Questions About Mortgages

If you are looking to purchasing a home for the first time or if you want to get a new mortgage to buy a vacation home here in Fort Lauderdale, home loans and all the risks and financial requirements associated with them can be confusing. The questions about what is involved with mortgages are never-ending. [...]

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Tips for Pet Owners Looking to Buy a New Home

If cats, dogs, or other pets are a part of your family, you want to find a dream home that can meet all of your needs as well as those of your pets in addition to looking for conventional home loans in Fort Lauderdale. While your fur babies may seem low maintenance to you; certain [...]

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The Pros and Cons of a Bi-Weekly Home Loan Program

Most people who have a home loan in Coral Springs, try to pay it off eventually, while others look at paying their mortgage off early. If you would like to pay down your mortgage at a faster rate, an option to consider is switching to a biweekly (or every two weeks) payment set up. If [...]

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Why You Need a Mortgage Loan Processor

When buying a home, we know that you want a smooth transaction as possible and that you want to avoid any mishaps in purchasing your dream home. Therefore, choosing your lender is so important and an important role is that of the mortgage loan processor. At NHL lending, we offer FHA loans in Fort Lauderdale [...]

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Mortgage Rate Locks-What Do They Mean?

A mortgage rate lock is an assurance from a lender that they'll give a loan applicant a specified interest rate, at a specific price, for a specified period. The loan's price is usually expressed as "points" paid to acquire a particular interest rate. A rate lock protects you from increasing interest rates. Therefore, if you [...]

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What To Do If Your Mortgage Is Sold

You've spent a lot of time deliberating over your mortgage. You've worked on finding the right lender, looking for the right price, and agreeing on a deal with your mortgage company. After all that, you can find that the company you'll be paying has changed. What do you do if this happens? Why Are Mortgages [...]

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Mortgage After Bankruptcy – Can it Be Done?

The inability to achieve solvency, to use one’s assets and resources to meet one’s monetary obligations, is like financial impotence. It is disappointing. It is frustrating. It creates feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. It is not a welcomed experience. Impotence is sometimes the result of the lifestyle of the person like unhealthy eating, too little [...]

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