What Type of Fort Lauderdale Mortgage is Right for Me? There are many different types of mortgages available in the Fort Lauderdale area, and by no means is any one loan right for everyone. You want to look at all the options available and decide which one fits your needs best. To help you in [...]

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Some Student Loans and Other Debts are Acceptable When Applying for a Boca Raton Home Loan

If you are like the majority of people across the US, you may have student debt, but that does not necessarily preclude you from qualifying for a Boca Raton home loan. For a long time, it was a tradition for people to get a new home after they finished college. Unfortunately, due to the increase [...]

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Renting a House VS Getting a Coral Springs Home Loan When you are trying to decide if renting a house or getting a home loan is the best choice for you, it can help to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks. Your decision will depend on how your finances look, what kind of future plans [...]

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What Does My Mortgage Payment Include?

Getting a new home can be exciting; however, getting a new mortgage in the Fort Lauderdale area can also be scary. The first step to conquering any fear is understanding the thing that is worrying you. The components that make up your typical mortgage payment can seem frustrating but today we are going to discuss [...]

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FHA Home Loans for Borrowers with Bad Credit

At NHL Lending, we offer FHA home loans because our goal is to do everything we can to support current and new homeowners in their pursuit of homeownership financing. FHA Loans A Federal Housing Administration (FHA Loan) is a loan that is insured by the federal housing administration. These loans are available in all states, meaning you have access FHA Loans in Fort Lauderdale The FHA [...]

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5 Vital Home Purchasing Facts When you are looking to get a conventional mortgage in the Fort Lauderdale area, it helps to have some tips on hand and a few tricks up your sleeve. Knowing what to expect when you are purchasing a home can make the process go more smoothly. These are five facts [...]

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Reverse Mortgage Options with Nationwide Home Loans

Unless you very wealthy and have immediate cash available, getting a mortgage is essential to buying a home. Basically, a mortgage is a loan in which property is used as collateral. There are many types of mortgage loans depending upon your needs and finances. One of these is a special type of mortgage for retirees [...]

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The Top 10 Benefits of a Fort Lauderdale VA Loan

After the Department of Veterans Affairs released the information on VA mortgages as part of the GI bill, millions of veterans have used this program to buy homes. Due to various financial standings, many of these people wouldn’t have been approved for their home loans without the VA Loan program. Below, you can find the [...]

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10 Common Questions About Mortgages

If you are looking to purchasing a home for the first time or if you want to get a new mortgage to buy a vacation home here in Fort Lauderdale, home loans and all the risks and financial requirements associated with them can be confusing. The questions about what is involved with mortgages are never-ending. [...]

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What is My Fort Lauderdale VA Loan Lender Looking for? Trying to get any mortgage can be very difficult at this time, however knowing what your lender is looking for when you apply for a VA loan in Fort Lauderdale can help. Adding the regulations and extra steps of getting VA qualified before you can [...]

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