10 Common Questions About Mortgages

If you are looking to purchasing a home for the first time or if you want to get a new mortgage to buy a vacation home here in Fort Lauderdale, home loans and all the risks and financial requirements associated with them can be confusing. The questions about what is involved with mortgages are never-ending. [...]

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Three Things You Need to Qualify for A Jumbo Loan

Today, the housing market has shifted again, with many homeowners looking for other financial options for their home. Many homeowners are having a difficult time trying to find a lender other than large brand-name banks to service Jumbo loans in Fort Lauderdale, FL. That means customers are choosing to sacrifice personal service and accessibility for [...]

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Three FHA Programs You Should Know About

The Federal Housing Administration, or the FHA, has several programs in place ready to help people looking to buy their own home. If you're in the market for a new home but don't know if you'd qualify for a home loan, an FHA program can get you on the housing ladder. Here are three different [...]

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What Is A Reverse Mortgage And Why Is One Right For You?

As you retire and look to the future, you may start worrying about how you're going to stay afloat. You have your pension and savings, but it may not be enough to keep you going. What do you do in this scenario? Many homeowners are now looking into a reverse mortgage, to keep money coming [...]

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Get Your Dream Home In Fort Lauderdale

It's finally time for you to start looking at buying your dream home in Fort Lauderdale. You can get out of the rent cycle and have a home you can truly call your own. The first step towards this is getting approved for a mortgage. It can be confusing though, so we're here to help. [...]

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