Get Your Dream Home In Fort Lauderdale

It's finally time for you to start looking at buying your dream home in Fort Lauderdale. You can get out of the rent cycle and have a home you can truly call your own. The first step towards this is getting approved for a mortgage. It can be confusing though, so we're here to help. [...]

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Go Big to Go Home using Jumbo Loans in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking for a home that is something out of the ordinary, then you might be left looking at a purchase price that exceeds standard home lending figures. Don’t worry; just because a home exceeds the standard conforming home loan limits, it doesn’t mean that it’s out of reach. If you want the best [...]

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Process Slide One

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Common Questions about FHA Loans in Fort Lauderdale

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time for most families. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming and a little scary. Obtaining home loans often feels intimidating and many clients do not know what to expect, especially in regards to different loan types. At Nationwide Home Loans, we understand the importance of choosing the right loan for your family.

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Getting A Reverse Mortgage in Fort Lauderdale

If you are over the age of 62 and you are no longer working or earning a regular paycheck, now is the time to take advantage of all you have accomplished over the past several years. After paying on your current house for so many years, you can now take out a reverse mortgage in Fort Lauderdale with the help of a trusted mortgage company.

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Nationwide Home Loans: Providing Conventional Mortgage Loans in Fort La

As a single person living alone and starting out into the “real world”, you have a lot of additional financial responsibilities that married couples or your friends who have roommates. You have to pay for expenses that you had no idea existed like apartment rent, water, trash removal, cable television (if you have the inclination to watch television), cellphone, and much more

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