How to Find a New Home and Make Sure it’s Safe for Your Pet

How to Find a New Home and Make Sure it's Safe for Your Pet

How to Find a New Home and Make Sure it's Safe for Your PetWhen you start looking at potential homes to move into in the Fort Lauderdale area, you may want to keep your non-human companions in mind. Does the home have enough room for your pet to live comfortably? Do you know what possible poisonous natural flora grows near your new home? What diseases or parasites are common in the area that you may need to prevent against? If the answers to these questions are not favorable for your pet, you may need to take another look at the homes on your list.

When trying to find a new home for both your animal family and your human family, it's a good idea to walk around the neighborhood and make sure the area seems safe for your pet. Look for any unleashed dogs, animals that seem aggressive, or strays running loose. When it comes to the home itself if you have a cat make sure you have plenty of space for vertical furniture or shelves as cats enjoy climbing and being on top of tall household items. Dogs are more of a case by case basis when it comes to thinking about their new home. If your dog is younger and full of energy, you may want a full fenced in yard with lots of room to run and play. If your dog is older and has trouble getting around you may lean toward a one-story, so they don't have to deal with stairs. When moving in and unpacking make sure to:

  • Tuck away electrical cords or plugs.
  • Plug up nooks and holes your pet could get stuck in.
  • Make sure all windows have secure screens.
  • Make sure there are no poisonous plants inside or out.
  • Make sure there are no pest-control poisons or traps left in the home

Potential Dangers at the New Home

When moving you may be afraid of your pet getting lost and or injured being near unfamiliar surroundings and roads. Make sure to have a new tag made right away once you decide to move and put it on as soon as you arrive in case your pet gets out in the middle of the moving process. In the instance of microchipping make sure you update your contact info on the applicable service. Something else to be aware of, especially if the area is new to you as well, is keeping track of the poisonous and possibly dangerous plants for both humans and pets in your new surroundings. Fort Lauderdale is locatedin Broward County in Florida. You can visit their county page which lists the local flora that could be dangerous. The ASPCA has a more comprehensive list of plants in the United States, which allows you to look them up by which animal is affected and by name. Additionally, you should be conscious of the danger of new diseases spread by parasites and other animals that you may not have had to worry about before.If you are from out of state it is also best to remember that Florida is a coastal state,prone to tropical storms, flooding, and dangerous native wildlife.

How to Prepare Your New Home

How to Prepare Your New HomeSome things you can do to prepare yourself and your animal companions for the move are to ensure you have a copy of your pets medical records including rabies vaccinations and up to date immunizations. It is also essential to find a new veterinarian as your pet may need additional vaccines or preventions due to the new environment. You can also find out what kind of parasites or insects you may need to be aware of like ticks or mosquitoes.

Additionally, you should look into the animal laws for your area as some cities may have breed restrictions Broward County has all of their> statutes about pets and animals listed on their page for easy access. It is especially important to find out about leash laws and determine if animals are permitted to roam, how far, and identify any laws regarding strays and roaming animals. If you are concerned about dogfighting in your area, you can also contact the local chapter of the Humane Society to ask about any criminal activity involving animals you should be aware of i.e., kidnapping, dog fighting, puppy mills.

Homeowners Insurance

Lastly, if you have an animal that you take in public and around other people or other animals make sure to have homeowners insurance. NHL lending can help you find the right mortgage and help you find the proper homeowners insurance for your new home. The correct homeowner's insurance policy is essential for covering the cost of any injuries incurred by your animals, accidental or otherwise. Homeowner's insurance liability coverage is there to cover any damage that others sustain on your property. Meaning if someone is injured at your home, for example, someone is mowing your lawn and a tree branch falls on them, your liability policy would cover the medical expenses or defend you if you go to court. Making sure you have the best coverage for the best price is something you can ask about at Nationwide Mortgage when applying for your mortgage. Depending on your policy you may also be able to get your homeowner's insurance payment rolled into your mortgage payment, making sure you can get the best mortgage rates in Fort Lauderdale

Pet Insurance

Homeowners InsuranceAlso, while most home insurances do have policies covering bodily injury, they don't allow you to submit a claim for any injuries sustained by your pets on your property. Pet insurance would be the way to go to cover your pet in the event of injury or illness. Like health or life insurance, there are various things it can include from preventative to disease, to injury. Pet insurance is an entirely voluntary coverage, but when an animal has a severe injury or illness, it can get just as expensive as it is for their human counterparts.
There are a lot of details that go into moving, especially if you have a family, even if it sometimes only includes 'fur' babies. The few things mentioned above will make a move easier on your family pets and keep them healthy and happy in their new home with you for many years. Making sure your family is living somewhere safe, and they are covered in the event of a catastrophe makes moving more comfortable and fulfilling. Making sure you get the best rates to go with your coverage is also important. Checking with NHL lending can give you answers to questions as well as a piece of mind.

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