How to Narrow Down your Search During a House Hunt

reverse mortgage lenders in Fort LauderdaleWhile searching for a new home can be one of the most exciting times in a homeowner’s life, it can also be a very tedious process. Nationwide Home Loans has a longstanding history of quality customer service skills and a strong reputation for being able to close even the most difficult loans for their customers. Knowing the type of home loan that you qualify for can significantly narrow down your search when shopping for a new home.

Additionally, deciding on the minimum size and structure of your home will help greatly when trying to minimize your search results. Your stage of life can have an impact as you determine if a new home is the best option, or if you want to take an alternative approach and obtain a reverse mortgage on your home. No matter what you decide, NHL Lending has a qualified staff of mortgage professionals and Fort Lauderdale reverse mortgage rates that will help you make the best-informed decision to fit your personal situation.

Know your Home Loan Options

Nationwide Home Loans employs the top professionals in their field to help their clients determine what the best loan type would be to fit their financial situation. For homeowners that qualify for Jumbo Loans, Nationwide offers the best rates available to their clients. Depending on the state, this helps prospective home buyers to narrow their search by giving them a minimum price range that they should try to start at. In the same respect, for clients that have a limited income, we can fit them to the FHA loans with the best rates and the lowest minimum down payment options to help turn their dream of home ownership into a reality.

Narrow Down your Home Criteria Preferences

There are certain aspects to searching for a home that is unnegotiable to home buyers in regards to what is important for them in their private residence. For example, some homeowners may prefer a block home over a wood-framed home. Some may be opposed to two-story homes while others prefer them. For some, a minimum number of square feet, or minimum amount of garage space is important before they will consider a home. There are also facts such as Home Owner’s Associations, pool areas, fireplaces, and many other perks that potential homebuyers consider when looking to make their home purchase. Knowing what home features that they simply do not want to compromise on can help them narrow down their home searches greatly.

Find Out if you are a Candidate for a Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgage lenders in Fort LauderdaleNHL Lending specializes in all types of home loans, even Reverse Mortgages. These types of loans are a great way to secure your retirement in the latter stages of life. NHL Lending offers the best Fort Lauderdale mortgage rates to their clients and is the best in their class for reverse mortgage lenders in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you are a homeowner of at least sixty-two years of age, Reverse Mortgages Loans require no out of pocket payments, until death or the sale of the home, whichever comes first.

If the spouse remains in the home after becoming widowed, the money is not due until both spouses are deceased, relieving the burden of worry. These loans are a great way for homeowners to reap the benefits of their hard-earned equity that they have gained in their investment and utilize it to live out their golden years comfortably.

Let our Qualified Professionals Get you Started Today

To get started on purchasing the home of your dreams, call Nationwide Lending today. Their qualified staff has the first-hand experience for clients from all walks of life with all financial backgrounds to help achieve success in closing even the toughest loans. Their staff works hard to meet your needs and provides you with all of the assistance you need during the way, answering your questions, helping with your loan documents, and securing all of the important details in the process. For an enjoyable home purchasing experience, leave your stresses behind and call Nationwide Lending today. We look forward to speaking with you and being a successful part of your new home purchase.