Jumbo Loans Fort Lauderdale – Go Big So You Can Go Home

jumbo loans in Fort LauderdaleAre you in the market for jumbo loans in Fort Lauderdale? Nationwide Home Loans offers the best jumbo loans from the best lenders in the business. These loans are large mortgage loans that exceed the conforming limit. The conforming limit is the maximum loan amount Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae will buy. While the limits vary by geographic location, with some areas of the nation allowing limits exceeding $700,000, the standard conforming limit is $424,100 in most housing markets. This includes Broward County and other counties and areas across Florida.

When taking out jumbo loans, we connect you to the top-rated lenders in the industry today. Similarly, we ensure you get the best rates with flexible, convenient repayment programs. As always, our highly-dedicated loan teams handle all paperwork from start to finish. However, applicants for a jumbo loan will need to provide a 20% down payment to secure timely approval. Here are some more aspects to consider:

  • If the jumbo loan is going to refinance an existing house, your equity must also equal 20% of the mortgage amount.
  • The monthly mortgage payment cannot exceed 38% of your pre-tax income. You must also have the right income documentation, which is needed to process and approve the jumbo loan as a whole.
  • Most lenders offer jumbo loans on an adjustable-rate basis, as opposed to fixed interest rates.
  • Interest rates are currently favorable but tend to rise to correlate with interest payments for bank depositors.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans in Fort Lauderdale

The mortgage industry is turbulent at best. While today’s market is far removed from the housing and fiscal crises that plagued the country years ago, when it comes to jumbo and other home loans; stricter underwriting and return to down payment requirements of 20% is mandatory. However, even with these more rigorous requirements, we can meet your needs with a large network of top-rated lenders and loan types.

At Nationwide Home Loans, we service jumbo loans while preserving the professional services you need from a lender. While you may know a bit about jumbo loans from large brand-name banks, we help you navigate the murky waters of home loans to ensure complete satisfaction across the board.

The NHL Difference

Jumbo LoanAt NHL, we truly turn your home ownership dreams into realities. As your full-service lender, we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. This is due to our complete roster of mortgage products, along with fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans to meet your mortgage needs. For first time borrowers or those seeking second mortgages, our specialty loans are guaranteed to meet your needs within time and budget. This is the NHL way – and we continue to provide unparalleled and unsurpassed loan services for all new and existing clients.

Our loan specialists also stay abreast of all the industry trends and developments. This allows us to offer the best loans with real-time results. From exceptional advice and loan processing to clearly explaining all details with no jargon, we guarantee the loan experience of a lifetime.

Loan Professionals in Fort Lauderdale

NHL is also a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan provider. The FHA has – and continues to – help thousands of low and moderate-income families secure homeownership across the nation. With access to credit with short-term cash demands, borrowers can take advantage of low down payments and closing costs. We also offer Veteran’s Affairs Loans, which are fully backed by the federal government, with favorable interest rates for military personnel and their families, and access to low upfront costs.

At NHL, we continue to be your premier loan company in Fort Lauderdale. From Jumbo Loan and FHA to VA loans, we offer all types of loans to achieve homeownership across the board. Simply contact us today and get the professional loan assistance and services you deserve!

For more information on jumbo loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, contact us or visit our website.


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