Let Our Technology Do Heavy Lifting – Real Estate Agents

Let Our Technology Do Heavy Lifting – Real Estate Agents

Let Our Technology Do Heavy Lifting - Real Estate AgentsLook around you and you will find new technology everywhere. It can sometimes dwarf you and make you feel like you know nothing. This is especially true when it is combined with the ever-changing world of real estate. Technology has changed the way we do everything, and it is changing real estate, too.Many future homebuyers begin their search on a computer, while and many others start with a smartphone, according to recent surveys. Would you believe a small few still peruse the listings of a newspaper?

There are new ways to look for that perfect home

There was a time when homebuyers were bombarded with flyers and phone calls to and from real estate agents.Now there are many online services provide listing information, and most will even alert you when a home hits the market that meets your must-have criteria, like size or location or granite countertops or a nearby beach.It is so easy, and it can be fun! Buyers are more hands-on now, and love being the first one to know something. It puts a potential buyer ahead of the game. Online listings can provide easy links to information on communities, school, taxes, and transportation. Everything you would like to start off within your home search. When you contact your lender to get a Fort Lauderdale VA loan you will be sure that you will be in good hands.
The way we view properties has changed in even more dramatic fashion, as simple photos have yielded to things like 3D virtual tours. They’re produced by these technologically savvy cameras that capture 3D pictures of homes to give homebuyers an in-your-face walkthrough of the property. It is available on computers and mobile devices and most advanced versions employ virtual reality headsets, which lets you look up and down and side to side. It can be dizzying, but it puts you right where you want to be.
Whether you’re on the other side of the world or traffic really works your nerves, these enhanced viewing options let you get a good sense of what a home looks like from your couch.There are many cases of homebuyers who have bought properties yet have never stepped foot in the space. However, the majority of home buyers still want to see houses in-person and use these tools to help them narrow down their choices.

Enjoy the new ways to enjoy the home purchase process

Buyers have to compare not just homes but mortgages too. With the help of technology, buyers can easily compare loans without being surprised by any undisclosed costs.There is a bunch of online comparison tools that take a headache out of the process by letting you assess multiple loan estimates ensuring that you are getting the best possible deal for your financial situation. You can even apply for mortgage pre-approval online to speed up the process. Even before you start thinking about applying for a mortgage, online home tools such as Affordability Calculators can quickly assess how many homes you can afford based on your monthly income, debts, and how much money you plan on putting down for your home. It is so easy and convenient to get all the information you could ever need at the click of a mouse or a rub of a finger.
Ever wondered what will happen when we go to a paperless society? To cut down on all that paper, some realtors have opted to go completely paperless thanks to the ESIGN Act, established in 2000, which makes electronic signatures legally binding in real estate deals.When you’ve got a competitive real estate market and there are multiple offers on a property, technology helps decrease the time it takes to close. You do what you can to make the process quick easy and painless. An agent from NHL Lending can make the entire process even easier.

There are new ways to work with your agent

There are new ways to work with your agentWith all this new technology, where do agents fit into the mix with the advent of technology that has made buyers more self-sufficient than ever? People once relied solely on referrals or a yard sign, but these days they can look up any agent and sift through a barrage of first-hand feedback.In an era when consumers are obsessed with online reviews, homebuyers can find real-estate agents who they’ll work best with, whether because of interests or experience or just being as tech-savvy as their client. These tools have actually deepened face-to-face relationships in the homebuying journey. More than 80 percent of people surveyed say that they still prefer to speak face to face with a mortgage professional when it comes to this major life moment. It goes to show that no matter how much things seem to change, there are many things that fight to remain the same. An encounter with a real live, real estate agent and a great lending professional like those at Nationwide Home Loans will never go out of style.

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