Long-Term Home Maintenance and Repair

Long-Term Home Maintenance and Repair

Long-Term Home Maintenance and RepairThe responsibility of maintenance is one of the significant differences between a homeowner and a home renter. You want to keep your home up to date and make sure it doesn’t succumb to mold, weather damage, leaking, or any other issues that may occur in your home. There are a lot of things you may not know about maintaining your home if you are a newer homeowner, and there are some things you should look into and regularly monitor.

Home Inspections

One of the primary ways to maintain your home is to start from the beginning, with a home inspection. Many have inspectors on retainer to do home inspections. If you are applying for a mortgage to buy a home the bank wants to make sure that the home’s value to equal to the amount of money they are lending. Some of the main things inspectors look at are the home’s wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, water heater, and roofing. Knowing how old these items are or the last time they were replaced is essential information for your inspector to know to help determine if they need updating before you purchase the home.


The home's roof is an essential part of the home and is one of the main protections against the elementsThe home's roof is an essential part of the home and is one of the main protections against the elements. Once the roof gets too old, it can start to deteriorate, and the weather and possibly small animals can enter the home and cause damage. The average life span of a roof depends on the materials.

Keeping these timelines in mind when getting an inspection will let you know how long you have before you need to replace the roof. If replacement is an immediate need you must take this cost into consideration. If the cost to replace the roof puts you over your budget you may need to look for a different property. You can choose to roll the cost for repairs on your home into your mortgage. Doing so can be an opportunity to get the kind of roof you want. You can find useful information at roof calculator; including an estimate for materials needed per square foot and the approximate cost of your new roof.

Electrical and Wiring

Water Heater

A water heater is another thing that can be a significant expense if you don't have the savings to cover the cost. Based on the manufacturer's suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years. If, during the inspection, you find the water heater to be an older model you should research replacement options. Hopefully, you have some time before worrying about needing to buy a new one. You can extend the life of your current water heater by keeping it properly maintained.


Air Conditioning

The life expectancy for an air conditioning unit is usually ten years. However, if your air conditioning unit isn’t keeping your home at a cooler temperature, continuously breaks down, experience you may have to replace it sooner. Air conditioning units that have consistent can last as long as 20 - 25 years compared to the estimated ten.

Electrical and Wiring

Electrical and Wiring and plumbingAnother major thing to know about your home when you buy it is how old the electrical components are and the last time it had a significant update. If your Home is more than 30 years old, there is a good chance the wiring may need updating.

Consistently tripping the breaker means your home has more demand than your electrical can handle. You find that you are extensively using extension cords you may not have enough outlets and should consider adding more. If your lights dim or flicker when you plug in an appliance, your system is straining to maintain the electrical pull on that circuit and may need an additional circuit added. Additionally, watch for staining on your outlet plates. A stain which looks like a burn mark indicates that your outlets are getting surges which are burning away at the covers as they overheat. Stained outlets signal a fire risk and should be looked into immediately. Another reason to inspect your outlets is to look for which are two-prong ungrounded outlets, many newer electronics require the 3-prong grounded electrical socket. While many of the reasons for updating wiring are for safety purposes, some companies can refuse to sell you insurance or possibly charge you more if you need an update.



When it comes to plumbing, the materials have various lifespans and therefore may not need replacing for a while. The main thing is to check for leaks or cracks and replace the problem areas before they get worse. However, two materials should be removed immediately no matter how old they are. The first of these materials are lead pipes. Lead pipes, used in the early 1900s, had a lifespan of 100 years but studies now show that they can leach lead into your drinking water which leads to serious health problems. The second material to replace as soon as possible are polybutylene pipes. Installed from the 1970’s through the 1990’s, these pipes are highly prone to breakage.

Plumbing and average lifespan of pipes
As you can see, there are all kinds of things to consider when it comes to maintaining a home. Luckily many mortgage companies include an inspection, and a good inspector will apprise you of any issues that could impact the safety of the home or your financial responsibilities. Some mortgage companies will allow you to roll a home improvement loan into your mortgage as it will help increase your home’s value in the long run. To get the best home loan rates in Boca Raton for a mortgage repair loan contact Nationwide Home Loans, they can answer all of your questions and help with getting an inspector out to your home. Additionally, most utility companies are willing to perform a free energy analysis on your home to let you know about your energy usage.

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