NHL Lending for Beginners

Owning a home is a huge financial step for many people who are finally realizing their dream of purchasing a house. First-time buyers may also feel they’re out in the cold if they don’t have the finances on hand to purchase their home outright. One of the routes people take to home ownership is to take out a loan to help cover the cost of the home and to pay it back over time. NHL Lending is one of the most trusted lenders in the industry since we care about our customers and ensuring they can meet their financial goals when owning a home.

How We Help You

There are plenty of mortgages under the sun for first-time homebuyers to help them meet their financial goals. Homes are expensive and in many cases, people feel they will be unable to be a home owner. We sit down with our customers to look over their financial situation and then move forward with finding the best mortgage to fit their needs.

Every mortgage is different and designed for different financial situations to help the buyer pay for their home. Jumbo Loans, for example, are designed for higher cost areas and are around half a million in total. While FHA Loans is designed for low to moderate income families to help them qualify for a mortgage. These are only a few examples of the type of loans people can look at for their situation and we walk our customers through the process to help them meet their financial goals.

Nationwide Home Loans


Here at Nationwide Home Loans, our focus is to ensure our customers are able to meet the financial requirements when taking out a mortgage. We understand the investment people make into their homes, but the last thing we want is for them to bear a heavy financial burden. Purchasing a home is a big step for most people and it’s usually a life to change the decision on their part.

One of the aspects of our business that sets us apart from other lenders is we care about our customers. We don’t offer the first loan on the list and then move on, we work with our customers to ensure they fully understand the finances behind these loans. Customers must also go through an application process where we look at their financial situation to ensure they’re able to meet the challenges facing them in the future.

Requirements do vary between mortgage loans, but here at Nationwide Home Loans, we break it down into bite sized chunks to ensure our customers fully understand the finances behind these loans. Many of the loans require the new home buyer to have a 20% down payment for the home they’re purchasing before they can even qualify for a loan. There are exceptions to this rule like the FHA Loan for example that requires a down payment of 3.5 percent of the value of the home.

The other requirements also include the home buyer to have stable employment and credit before they will be issued the mortgage loan. One of the biggest requirements is the home loan can also not exceed a certain percentage of the applicant’s income just to ensure they are not overwhelmed from the mortgage payments.

These facets of our business are what sets Nationwide Home Loans apart from other lenders. Not many lenders take the time to talk with their customers beforehand and help them to understand the differences between these loans. We know it’s a huge decision for first time home buyers and we want to ensure people are making the right financial decisions for their future.

We also offer a free home inspection for potential customers and encourage them to fill out the application that is on our website. We also encourage potential customers to feel free to give us a call if they have any questions or concerns about any of the services we have to offer.

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