Three Things Parents Should Consider Before Buying a Property

Are you tired of being in a tiny apartment in the city and want to buy a beautiful home in the country? Perhaps your family just expanded and when you became parents, you realized there was not enough space in your current home. Maybe you just got another job offer and have to relocate your family for work.
Whatever the case may be, you need to find a new home – and fast! But before you go visit perspective properties, here are some things you should think through and decide on before you begin your house search:

  • Fort Lauderdale mortgage company in FloridaWhat is your all-in budget? It is important to already know how much you are willing to spend before you see a house you like and find yourself in more debt than you can handle. Knowing your budget can both narrow down your options, and in some cases, can even better help you decide on a home. Let NHL lending in Fort Lauderdale help you decide on a budget. Our Fort Lauderdale mortgage company in Florida wants you to get the house you want at the price you deserve!
  • What area are you looking to buy in? Location, location, location. This is very important.
  • What type of house are you looking for? What fits your family’s needs? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are do you want? You will need to decide what you like if your options would come to a two bedroom one bath ranch style home close to downtown, a 3 bedroom 4 bath colonial style house resting on a 10 acre lot in the country, or a one bedroom one bath condo on the 3rd floor in the heart of the city.
  • Are you willing to buy one that needs a little work (i.e. updates, cosmetic repairs, new flooring, etc.) or do you want one that is turnkey and move-in ready?

Nationwide mortgage advises parents to consider these things before buying a property

As a parent, your children’s safety and well being is your primary concern. When it comes to visiting potential homes and properties, you will want to keep these things in mind.

  • Do you want a swimming pool? If your children are in their teen years or are great swimmers, this could be a wonderful place to enjoy family time, exercise, and entertain guests on warm summer evenings, however, if you are a family with several toddlers and young children, you may want to think twice about the swimming pool – or at the very least, install a safety fence around the pool area.
  • If you have several small children, how close to the road do you want the house to be? Would you prefer a sizable front yard or a curbside home, but with a fenced in backyard?
  • Do you want a large yard for the children to be able to play outdoors and possibly some grassy space for a pet or two? If so, an apartment or condo will not suit your needs.

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