The Top Benefits of Buying vs. Renting

home loans in Boca RatonNationwide Mortgage Rates offers the best Boca Raton home loans and services. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to turn your home ownership dreams into realities. From first- time homeowners to second mortgages, our dedicated team remains committed to excellence in all services. This includes connecting you with the top-rated lenders on the market today – who offer flexible repayment terms and other benefits. With NHL lending, you always get the best loans – at the best rates – from the best in the business. Whether for new property purchases or secondary financing, we have the loans you need to meet all desired results. Our online calculators are also convenient for estimating loan amounts, monthly payments, and much more.

Different Loans for Different Needs

When it comes to home loans in Boca Raton, we offer a wide array of options and choices. This includes access to the best lenders, banks, financial institutions and even credit unions. Our highly experienced team will sit down with you – and discuss all your mortgage or remortgage needs. Similarly, they will explain the benefits of buying a home – as opposed to renting in this day and age. At Nationwide, we are proud to feature a full range of loans for new and existing homeowners. Here are some of the popular choices we offer:

FHA Loans

FHA loans continue to soar in popularity across the market. As mentioned many times in earlier blog posts, these loans are governed – and mandated – by the Federal Housing Administration. One of the main benefits of these loans is that they assist low-to-middle income families with affordable mortgages. This means they can afford the home of their dreams, while no longer worrying about expensive monthly rent for apartments. These loans also help families with low down payments and closing costs. If you are tired of renting and truly want to buy a home, Nationwide home loans will work for you.

Adjustable – Fixed Rate Loans

Adjustable – fixed rate loans are great for first time or seasoned homeowners. In fact, if you are planning on staying in your new home for a few years, there are many advantages of AFR loans. This includes your rates staying the same throughout the entire payment period. Adjustable rate loans also allow short-term homeowners to save money on monthly mortgage payments. However, interest rates changes will always be based on market highs and lows. Still, these loans tend to sway more to those that need steady payments each month.

Why Choose Nationwide Mortgage Rates?

If looking to buy instead of rent, we are always here to help. In fact, Nationwide stays on top of all the latest industry trends and developments. This enables us to offer the best home loans in Boca Raton at the top rates. We also know how confusing it can be for first-time homebuyers – especially in today’s ever-changing and fluctuating market. With our professional loan managers, we take the frustration out of the entire process. We also help you get the right financing needed to cover your new home purchase.

Remember, buying a new home can also be time-consuming with the all the particulars involved. However, without the right loan to back you up – there is no way to secure coverage unless you borrow from a private lender. With this in mind, we handle all paperwork from start to finish – including loan applications, credit checks, approvals and repayment terms.

Why Buy Instead of Rent?

There is no one answer to this question, which differs among families and prospective homeowners. However, one of the main peeves is the rising costs of rental units. In some cases, you can easily finance a home with the same money you are paying for an apartment similarly, homes tend to offer more space and freedom – as opposed to apartments that are generally smaller.

However, homes may also be comparable to lavish penthouses and elegant condos. In a nutshell, buying a home may be an ideal choice for a growing family that needs more room and security. No matter your reason, we are always here to help you get the right loans, mortgages, and financing you deserve!