Understanding Home Inspections

Here at NHL Lending, we work with clients to ensure they understand the home loans they’re applying for and the criteria they have to meet to qualify. Our goal is to ensure our clients understand the financial responsibility they’re undertaking so they’re able to make an informed decision about their future. Another piece of advice we have to offer is for clients to invest in home inspections when they’re looking to buy a house.

What Are Home Inspections?

Coral Springs home loansA home inspection is a detailed report that is prepared by a home inspector who identifies the condition of the house and provides recommendations to improve it. Home inspections can typically last anywhere from two to five hours depending on the location and the size of the building.

These inspections are carried out by the order of a potential house buyer to ensure major parts of the building are in good condition. Home inspectors keep an eye out for expensive defects, damage, and deterioration. They check to see if the major systems of the home are still in working order and if not make a note of it in their report.

The Inspection

NHL Lending has always prided itself on giving the clients the information they request and walking them through the process of obtaining a loan. Home inspections are similar since the inspector has to be incredibly thorough by examining the condition of the house, taking note of damage, and looking closely at the house.

Home inspections are thorough since the exterior of the home like the roof, driveway, steps, and the doors are checked for damage from outside elements. The structure of the home is also inspected to ensure the framing and foundation are sound and able to withstand outside conditions. Home inspectors also check the interior of the home like floors, walls, and ceilings and even check electrical and plumbing systems.

Why Do a Home Inspection?

When applying for a Coral Springs home loans you’re making a major investment in a house you’re going to be calling home soon. You don’t want to purchase a home only to realize it has a leaky pipe or the roof needs to be fixed. Home inspections should be done before purchasing a home to ensure your investment is safe. You wouldn’t buy a new car if it didn’t have all of its wheels, would you?

Home inspection reports consist of detailed and itemized information on the house like the date, type, and the age of the building. The people who were present throughout the inspection, the components of the house like the interior, roof, exterior, and any discoveries made during the inspection. Any areas the inspector feels requires further investigation they will make note of in the report.

Knowledge Beforehand is a Necessity

While it’s not necessary, we recommend that future homeowners be present during the inspection instead of just reading over the report. Knowledge is the power they say and it’s no different when you’re making a huge investment. Chances are you’ll be spending a few years paying off a home loan or need help to overcome this last hurdle towards owning a house.

Attending the home inspection is important since it gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the home. The home inspector may recommend certain upgrades or repairs for the home like replacing an outdated AC unit. Their job is to go through the home to ensure the major systems are working sufficiently enough to be lived in and to take note of the condition of the house. You don’t want to sign the bottom line and found out later you have to replace all the windows in your home because they’re outdated or deal with a leaky pipe.

Your home is a valuable asset and should be treated as such before and after it’s been purchased. A home inspector will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing a home so you won’t be saddled with a massive financial burden later.