What is a Jumbo Loan and What Would You Need One For?

The amount of this loan's funding surpasses the conforming limits established by the FHFA. Consequently, unlike traditional mortgages, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae can't purchase, guarantee, or securitize a jumbo loan.

The loan seeks to fund luxury homes and properties in very competitive local markets and have distinct tax implications and underwriting requirements. Before you determine whether this loan is suitable for your circumstance, you should establish its requirements and purpose.

If you're looking to finance your dream home, perhaps you should consider jumbo loans Fort Lauderdale. Here's what you should know about this product.

jumbo loans Fort Lauderdale

Jumbo Lenders

Financial institutions and other private investors provide jumbo loans. These lenders have no intent to sell the loans to government-sponsored entities, enabling lenders to develop their own criteria. Each lender has distinct concerns and goals, so each loan program varies.

That implies that it's necessary to shop among different lenders because approval criteria and pricing can differ widely. When you obtain jumbo loans in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, we'll ensure it fits your economic situation and the property you're purchasing.

Bear in mind that a number of lenders make it harder or easier to obtain loans for second properties and different lenders have different requirements when it comes to down payment.

Eligibility for Jumbo Loans

Similar to any loan, you'll have to fulfill approval criteria, and jumbo mortgages are harder to qualify for compared to conventional loans.

Credit history

You'll require a good score to obtain approval for this loan. A score surpassing 700 is a minimum for most purchasers although other factors could merit a lower score.

Down payment

Jumbo loans usually need down payments of 20% or more. However, a number of mainstream lenders will work with a 10% down payment while others advertise programs with much lower prerequisites.

To be eligible for a jumbo mortgage with a small down payment, you'll require a strong income, good credit, or considerable reserve assets. For most lenders, the requirements for down payment increase with an increase in the loan size.

Debt to revenue

A low debt to revenue ratio is helpful when applying for jumbo loans in Fort Lauderdale. Lenders normally use 43% as a target although the number isn't fixed. If you have assets, lenders might consider them or the resulting earnings as part of the revenue calculation. These loans aren't meant to help you "stretch" and purchase more house than you can afford. Instead, they're for economically secure borrowers who intend to purchase homes that are more costly than average.

Assets and Income

For these huge loans, lenders need documentation to prove that you have adequate assets and income to afford the property you're purchasing. Consistent revenue is best. If you're self-employed, you'll require tax documents and extra information regarding your business while wage-earners require W2 forms. Moreover, lenders also want to see available reserve assets to cover payments for 6-12 months.

Why You Should Obtain Jumbo Loans from Mortgage Lenders

Lower interest rates

Fort Lauderdale jumbo home loansAt times, a mortgage lender can secure you a lower rate than your local bank would. However, this differs on a case basis, so you should establish from your loan officer whether it applies to you.

Improved Access

If you desire constant updates throughout the loan procedure and have somebody on the phone whenever you have a concern or question, you'll enjoy personalized service from a mortgage lender.

On the hand, banks can be bureaucratic and it might be difficult for you to establish the one who's in charge of processing your home loan. Fortunately, the case is different here since our loan processors are onsite and accessible to talk to the loan officers. Typically, this leads to an improved experience for our borrowers.

Faster Closing

When a loan originates from a bank, the escrow could drag on for a couple of months, often because there's minimal motivation on the bank's part to close the deal. With a lending firm such as ours, you have a higher likelihood of completing the transaction and moving into your new home on a reasonable timeline. Obviously, this is also dependent on the lender.

Acquiring your dream home might seem impossible but this isn't the case with Fort Lauderdale jumbo home loans. You don't need to postpone your dreams of homeownership any longer.


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